Nicholas, A Breakthrough for the Journey Ahead

We are very happy to introduce a new case report to you. Nicolas was diagnosed with autism at age two. His parents have used several interventions over…

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Helping autistic students in their educational journey

When Sandy Rizzo Weiner, Ph. D., an Educational Consultant with Customized Interventions in Fort Lauderdale, FL and an Advanced Brain Technologies Provider, added The Listening Program® to her…

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New Study Shows Quantitative Benefits in Children With Autism, ADHD and Other Needs When Using The Listening Program

Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program®, a provider of evidence-based music programs and products for improving brain function, today announced the publication of a new…

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Early Cerebellum Injury Could Be Possible Cause of Autism

Getting to the root of autism is an increasingly urgent objective of neuroscience researchers. Not only are autism spectrum disorders (ASD) often debilitating to sufferers, but the…

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Vanderbilt Study: Parents of Children with Autism Benefit from Peer-Led Interventions

Are mothers of children with autism and other disabilities most likely depressed, stressed, and sleep-deprived? Might there be interventions that could help? Most people asked those questions…

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Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders Suggest Differences in Brain Wiring

Are autism and what have come to be referred to as Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) two different disorders? It appears so. Recent research by scientists studying the…

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