Music for All Ages and Abilities: Discover TLP’s Four Core Programs

Millions of people across the globe, some with diagnoses, others without, ranging in age from 2 years old to 100, enjoy the benefits of The Listening Program…

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Landon: The Listening Program® Case Report: PANS, ADHD, Anxiety, and Impulsivity

Landon’s medical doctor recommended The Listening Program to address chronic stress during his treatment of PANS, ADHD, Anxiety, and Impulsivity. TLP offers a systematic approach to healing…

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TLP Success Story – Max

Meet Max. Max was diagnosed with ADHD, and his parents wanted to avoid putting him on prescription drugs of any kind, so they spoke with a neurofeedback…

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New Study Shows Quantitative Benefits in Children With Autism, ADHD and Other Needs When Using The Listening Program

Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program®, a provider of evidence-based music programs and products for improving brain function, today announced the publication of a new…

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Practical Parenting Advice And Strategies To Support Your Child With ADHD

Ask anyone on the street if they have heard about ADHD, and I can all but guarantee you that 100% will say they have.  Now ask these…

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Could Neurofeedback Obviate the Need for Drugs for Children Diagnosed with ADHD?

Are drugs the best possible treatment for children diagnosed with ADHD? A new study aims to find out if and how Neurofeedback could mitigate the role of…

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