Meet the Advanced Brain Technologies team of experienced professionals from around the globe.

About us

At Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT), we believe in helping people realize their optimal potential. That’s why we create effective neuroscience-based music programs to allow anyone to achieve optimal brain health for a better life.

We’re therapists, scientists, musicians, producers, technologists, product designers, and sound engineers working together, combining varied disciplines to create our innovative brain-training programs.

Our customers are clinics, hospitals, schools, non-profits, assisted living facilities, senior living centers, corporations, therapists, educators, individuals, families, the military, and the Veterans Administration.

We are a federal GSA contract holder, preferred partner of Genesis Rehab Services, and an approved provider of continuing education for the American Occupational Therapy Association as well as the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

Our Products and Services

At Advanced Brain Technologies, we have been researching and developing sound-based cognitive training programs since 1998. Our founder and his family have more than 70 years of clinical experience in the field of human brain development that have been applied to the work we do and the products we provide.
Making a difference

We are passionate about creating and delivering products that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives through developing and strengthening neural networks in the brain. Our programs have helped countless families and thousands of people around the world. Will yours be the next success story?

Advanced products for you

We are the makers of products and services such as the NASA-based technology Sleep Genius, the number 1 health and fitness mobile app in the App Store; The Listening Program®, the most innovative music listening therapy with over 8,000 trained providers worldwide; BrainBuilder®, the original brain fitness software program; Waves™, our multisensory audio system with bone conduction technology—and much more.

Backed by science

Evidence-based, our products have been demonstrated effective for a wide range of uses in children and adults with more than 20 independent studies to date.