Music for the Classroom and Home

Students are struggling to succeed in classrooms, and Advanced Brain Technologies has a proven collection of music that has been shown to help. Distracting noises and sounds…

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New Study Shows Myelin May be Necessary for Motor Learning

A study released in October of this year and published in The Scientist shows that myelin, a fatty covering that surrounds and insulates neuronal axons, may play…

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Sleep Study: To Earn an A, the Brain Needs Zzzz’s

The latest wave of in-depth studies confirms that which many people already know: the human brain works best when it gets more sleep. Yes, some people require…

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Is The Brain Still Capable of Learning During Sleep? The Debate Continues

It’s been a widely-held belief for ages that, when a person falls asleep, they don’t learn or think because their brain “turns off” while they are sleeping.…

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