We are committed to helping our active military members, their families, and veterans


Active duty military members, their families, and veterans often need assistance to improve their quality of life. Our safe, drug-free and evidence-based therapeutic programs support specific areas of need while emphasizing improved sensory processing, self-regulation, learning, communication, motor coordination, emotional regulation, behavior, relaxation, mental acuity and sleep management. The Listening Program is the perfect drug-free, non-invasive therapy program.

TLP Veteran Reset

Advanced Brain Technologies is a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder. Many of our programs are covered through your veterans benefits, especially for those who need help with sleep management. If you are a veteran or provide health services to veterans, we can help.

THE LISTENING PROGRAM VETERAN RESET (TLPVR) provides U.S. military veterans with a comprehensive protocol of music-based treatment to help them successfully reintegrate into civilian life following trauma.

The Listening Program Veteran Reset (TLPVR) supports stress management, relaxation, mental acuity, and general wellness through validated and structured protocols for listening to music that has been arranged, composed, and produced for optimal brain health and functioning. TLPVR:

  • stimulates specific regions in the brain and autonomic nervous system to return self-regulation processes back to what they once were
  • reduces production of stress hormones
  • activates the brain’s reward system

Used daily for periods of 15 minutes or more, five days per week, TLPVR can help veterans and active military members to reset their brain and achieve better mental performance through listening to scientifically designed music that is enjoyable and relaxing.

The personalized training available to users of The Listening Program Veterans Reset is provided through our proprietary Waves™ multisensory headphone technology. Our Waves™ headphones offer simultaneous air and bone conduction stimulation known to positively affect the brain’s neural networks.

Thanks to proprietary acoustic sleep technology (Sleep Genius) developed under a NASA grant, The Listening Program Veterans Reset can help you restore your ability to fall into a restful, restorative sleep and remain asleep until morning. The Sleep Genius feature of TLPVR employs specialized acoustic music compositions created using neurosensory algorithms to improve sleep rhythms, supporting the listener’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Simply slip on our sleep safe headband before laying your head on the pillow knowing that our scientifically designed music is at work helping you to reset your brain.

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