Our webinars offer clear information on wide-ranging topics from the healing power of music to interventions for people with autism—and more.


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TMP Introduction for Families

Host Alan Heath

This webinar will help you to understand the wide range of skills that can be developed for your child through this unique progressive developmental program.

TMP Introduction for professionals

Host Alan Heath

This free introductory webinar to The Movement Program has been created to help you understand the benefits of developmental movement program.

inTime Introduction for Families

Host Sheila Allen

How can you benefit from inTime? Understand the importance of rhythm in our lives. Gain a foundational understanding of what inTime is. Discover how inTime can help…

TLP Introduction for Professionals

Host April Christopherson

Complete the form below to watch an interactive 60-minute webinar introduction to The Listening Program® (TLP) for professionals in the health, mental health, therapeutic, education, music, or related fields.

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Professional Webinar: Introduction to The Listening Program and Provider Certification

Host Wendy Bertagnole

Discover how to use The Listening Program for Better Sensory Regulation, Focus, and Communication. The training includes:  Instruction on all four TLP Core Programs Hands-on program planning…