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Read about children and adults who have experienced benefits from The Listening Program and other Advanced Brain Technologies programs.

TLP has given my 80-year old client the gift of choice. As an intelligent, dynamic, independent woman, she could choose to live alone as she preferred, choose to use TLP rather than pharmacology to lessen her anxiety, and choose to improve one of the most vital skills in aging: communication. This has given her the ability to live her life as she wishes, with dignity and ability. That is the best definition of successful aging.

In over 40 years of pursuing new approaches to solve client concerns, The Listening Program is the most effective, research-based novel approach I have found.

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Sharon Wilcox, MS

It’s amazing what taking 15 minutes to dance with your brain can do to improve your overall brain function! With TLP, I experienced a change in my emotional responses. I used it to increase my mood and decrease my stress. Now I offer it to my clients to improve their ability to learn, communicate and process information.

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Leigh Richardson, MS, NCC, LPC, BCN, CCTP

The Brain Performance Center

Charmaine defied the odds of survival, as she began walking, talking, and eating again. TLP enabled new neural pathways to develop, and it was as if a light had been turned on. Her independence and her body grew stronger every day. She was giving visitors high-fives, playing games, and winning. Her competitive spirit was still alive! TLP has been a life-giving intervention.

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Catastrophic Brain Injury

TLP has helped M.S. make greater leaps and bounds in his overall developmental progress than if he were to have just had therapy interventions alone. There is a tremendous difference in his overall receptive and expressive language skills along with his social skills. He can complete tasks with minimal cueing and remains engaged for more extended periods. He can also complete multi-step directions without assistance.

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Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder

As a medical doctor, I find TLP to be a powerful tool. The success we have seen with patients who utilize this program has been groundbreaking in many cases​, including improvements in or acquisition of new developmental, language, social, emotional, and academic skills. In our population of patients, we use TLP to address chronic stress, anxiety, depression, decreased cognitive function, poor memory, and other brain dysfunction. TLP is really a go-to therapy to help our patients progress and heal faster.

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Allen T. Lewis, MD

Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine

Of all of the different therapies and approaches I have used over the past 15 years working with specialists who treat children and adults with various needs, TLP has been the one therapy that has shown the most consistency and impacts the whole brain. It is an important part of other treatment modalities and therapies used to care for a person, making the overall treatment process more effective and more timely. TLP is a foundational tool to achieving optimal wellness.

Angie Woodward

TLP Certified Provider and Patient Liason

Milo has been using The Listening Program for over 15 years. His progress exceeded what his provider and parents had hoped for. His social engagement and language skills flourished. He seemed more aware of others and even began to open doors in advance of others in public places! Daily transitions became less stressful, and he was more willing to help with group tasks without being asked or cued. He loves classical music and plays the violin, mandolin, French horn, and saxophone with confidence.

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TBI, Epilepsy, Global Developmental Delays 

TLP provides a “safe signal,” priming the nervous system for success. The body’s vagus and other sensory and motor nerves respond as predicted by the social engagement theory. I consistently see improvements in vision, social connection, and behavior with my clients. TLP improves their ability to process sound frequencies that lead to a sense of security, safety, and achievement.

Patti Andrich OTR/L, COVT

Occupational & Vision Therapist

As an Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologist, I have observed many benefits since incorporating The Listening Program in my therapy to supplement, complement, and facilitate auditory processing skills. It’s all about creating our internal body, mind, and spirit homeostasis by expanding the window of tolerance within us to the ever-changing external world of multi-sensory stimulation. I have seen significant changes in my patient population, including those with deficits in auditory function, emotional regulation, academic weaknesses, memory issues, speech and language weaknesses, dyslexia, sensory sensitivities, and more.

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Kavita Kaul, M.S., AuD, CCC−SLP/A

My name is Anna Grace, and I am now 17 years old. The Listening Program has a special place in my recovery. It reduced my sensory sensitivities and helps me recover after sounds or other things bother me. TLP is a great aid to my day-to-day life! When I feel unsettled and stuck in my negative thinking process, I will pray and get complete relief when added with TLP.

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Anna Grace

PANS/PANDAS, ODD, Paranoia, mood disorders, and ADD

The Listening Program saved Amiralin! She is laughing, and her face lights up again, she is trying things out of her comfort zone independently, and her anxiety has decreased SO much. She even said, “Mom, I feel like I am healed.” She drew these after only 3 months of TLP to show how much it helped her.

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After just 3 ½ months of The Listening Program, I’m pleased to say that Landon is happier, he is trying harder to make good choices, he is more organized and mature, and he is relating better to others. His active listening skills have improved, and he is following directions, enabling him to accomplish more of the things he wishes to do. His sound sensitivity has also improved, which allows him to better enjoy public places with the family, and the sound of the blender doesn’t bother him the way it used to. I have enjoyed seeing this progress for my son, and we plan to continue The Listening Program to see how it can propel him further toward the goals that we seek for him.

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Landon, age 8

ADHD, PANS, Anxiety, Impulsivity

SC has made so many profound improvements with TLP! We are enjoying her improved nonverbal and verbal communications so she is more motivated to participate in group activities, Her aggression has diminished significantly and now she is more independent with daily living skills (requiring less prompting). We have observed a drastic improvement in clarity of thinking in every environment.

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Down Syndrome SPD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Language Disorders

My 18-year old student with autism has made significant gains in his reading ability, success with homework, and even studying for the ACT in two short months. TLP allowed me to work with him on other areas that need to be addressed. I knew TLP would make a difference! Just how big of a difference it made was a surprise to everyone and truly shows the power of The Listening Program.

The progress he was making caught the eye of the local ABC affiliate, which ran a feature story.

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Sandy Rizzo, Ph.D

Educational Consultant

We used TLP for 15 minutes a day and the changes came. Some in the form of things you could see her doing and some in the form of things that she was no longer doing. Those successes were like little gifts for us all to see. They were giving us the thing we wanted most for our daughter and that is for her to be part of this thing called life. To have a chance to play, laugh and succeed.

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Michele Gianetti

Elizabeth's Mother

inTime gave me a long-term feeling of balance and calm during a particularly busy time of year. The listening experience is different every day. I really look forward to it! I can easily see how inTime will benefit both my college clients and the clients in our pediatric practice. I love the personalized nature…makes it appropriate for diverse populations and goals.

Jeanne Eichler, MOT, OTR/L, MT, ABT CP-BC

Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist, OT Department - Assistant Professor

We began using The Listening Program just before my son’s 13th birthday.  My son has a diagnosis of autism, and as a parent who has used many types of interventions over the past several years of his life, I can truly say that The Listening Program has brought about positive changes in a short period of time.  I saw attention improvements and his conversation skills soared. His sound sensitivity decreased and he didn’t have to cover his ears like he had before. My son was enjoying more of the world and more of the people in his life. TLP was easy to do, and easy to implement into an already existing protocol, which was exactly what our family needed.  I plan to have Nicholas continue TLP, to keep to working toward the goals I have for him to thrive in his Middle School, and beyond.

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Nicholas, age 13


40-year old Liz came to The Listening Program from a place of desperation. “When I learned about TLP, I was looking for answers to the brain fog that seemed to be taking over my life. Even when life gets busy, TLP gets me back on track with my recovery. This program works. It has changed my life for the better.”

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Cancer Survivor

At Communiverse®, we have seen tremendous growth in our clients who have used The Listening Program®. We can individualize every program and it’s easy and pleasant to enjoy the routine of listening to the music. It is such a simple process for our families, yet such a carefully orchestrated, complicated, and scientifically based technology to foster our clients’ self-regulation, learning and growth.

Susan Paul

Speech-Language Pathologist

“Thank you to the people who gave me The Listening Program. I went from 91 to 492 then to 600 in reading! I’m also more stable on my bike and I’m focusing a lot more.” Mason had amazing gains in reading, speech articulation, and he isn’t stuttering anymore!

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The Listening Program helps my students with poor focus, sensory overload, anti-social behaviors, motor weaknesses, and communication. It is exciting to see my students make friends, participate in school and after-school activities, and improve academically. Every product by Advanced Brain Technologies complements the remedial work I do with my students, which enhances their ability to learn and succeed.

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Denise Decker

Special Educator

TLP helps my brain work in harmony with my energy and desires. My life-long challenge of maintaining an orderly work environment and task performance has at last come together! What a huge sense of satisfaction!


Stress & Executive Function

Before TLP, many sounds would cause her to scream and cry, and I was so scared that I couldn’t help her. Now she calmly asks what the sound is and she isn’t upset anymore! She uses TLP every day and it has helped her in so many ways. I have a lot of hope for her now!

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I am so grateful to have had The Listening Program to use in my speech therapy practice since 2000. It activates the mirror neurons in the brain resulting in improved speech and connects cause and effect relationships and social pragmatic communication. TLP helps to form the inner language of picturing what others are saying. My clients use TLP at home to deepen the results of sound discrimination, self-regulation, sequencing, timing, and improved speech production and comprehension.

Jane Shook

Speech-Language Pathologist

I am so excited to be a part of Advanced Brain Technologies because The Listening Program is truly fantastic. My clients see improvements with sleep, attention and focus, organizational behavior, and sensory processing abilities. It’s so easy, it’s almost scary! TLP gives our brain exercise every day, and that’s why I love it so much. So if you’re thinking about adding something as a therapist, TLP is a great option to have. If you are a parent looking to support you or your child, look no further! ABT has the best customer service as well, it’s like a big family!

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Rachel Harrington, COTA

The Sensory Project

Brain injuries heal slowly, and they can be emotionally and socially painful. TLP brought back my brain. Just 15 minutes of listening each day provided clarity to my mind and relaxation to my body. I was even able to form complete sentences again.

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Valerie Carpenter

Traumatic Brain Injury

Since using TLP, when I say her name, she actually hears it. In the past, I would have to call her name 5 times and she wouldn’t even answer me. She has recently become more aware and is able to verbalize and express more of her feelings or communicate when things are loud. She is not as loud when talking; seemingly quieter in general. I am not sure if what I am seeing is really happening. She has always been really hot and sweaty most of the time, but today she is outside in the sun with a light jacket on. In general, I feel she is much more regulated.


My five-year old daughter has been using TLP Spectrum for her coordination and speech delays. She had another huge moment today! She ran into a friend on the playground and was able to then tell me his name when we left. That has never happened before. It’s super unreal! I’m like in shock still!

Kat M.

Global Developmental Delay

My team and I have gotten so much benefit from The Listening Program (TLP) that we recommend it to every one of our clients. I function better and use it almost every day. TLP is quick, easy, and powerful!  The generations of love and commitment to the brain and its optimal function are obvious in this program and other Advanced Brain Technologies’ solutions.

Mark Hattas, and more

I have been using the Listening Program for several months now and it has become an essential part of my morning and nightly routine. I live with chronic pain and it helps me relax when my pain levels are high and soothes my nerves when I feel frazzled. I love how much care, love, passion, and kindness goes into everything they do at ABT.

Amberly Lago

Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

inTime has changed our lives. After just one week he started to control himself and asks for things before taking them. Week after week we continued to see massive improvements in his daily life. Now Sheldon is thriving in Kindergarten and he has friends and is invited to everything. This program gave us our son back and for that, we will be eternally grateful!

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I experienced almost immediate changes with inTime. I felt more energized and focused right away and had significant, ongoing improvements in my sleep, mood and overall sense of well-being. I highly recommend this program!

Lisa H.

“From a personal standpoint I believe The Listening Program® is 100% responsible for the huge strides in his comprehension of reading materials and such, and for my being able now to understand every teeny jibber jabber thing he mutters to himself. And of course, as his world is expanding and his comprehension of so much more of his environment around him increases, he jibber jabbers much less now, too.

That Cam is doing addition and subtraction now with one digit numbers is amazing! And to think the MD’s in ’96 told me that I would have to institutionalize him because he would never get better.”

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Cameron, age 8


Marian used TLP and inTime and it has helped her become more at ease and less anxious. Through the experience of using TLP, a love of music emerged and she now sings, plays the piano and the drum. With inTime further significant progress was made in her musical expression. These programs have helped her develop her coordination and balance skills, her concentration, communication skills and improved auditory processing. Her parents were so inspired they are using inTime with a noticed change in motivation, energy level and reduced stress.

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Marian, age 25

Aspergers Syndrome

It was remarkable to witness Dasha’s improvements as she used inTime! Her speech recognition and communication skills improved, as well as her self-speech. Her rhythm awareness developed as body percussion became active! She was able to repeat rhythmic claps on her hips, chest and shoulders. She was also able to improvise using the drum and singing in time with the music. The program has a calming influence and her therapeutic goals were achieved.


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Dasha, age 5


TLP has far exceeded everyone’s expectations since he began his listening training four years ago. His anxiety has decreased, he is now using a computer, initiates conversations, and he is finally happy in his own skin. Many people found the constant loud noises he would make very unpleasant, but this has all changed because of TLP. Jay shares, “I feel good.” When asked why, he said, “The music…I feel calm and smooth.” His mother’s desire is for other adults to have an opportunity to have these kinds of experiences with The Listening Program.

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Jay, age 54


“Before starting TLP, children M.S.’s age had a difficult time playing with him because he could not follow their directions in play. He couldn’t comprehend the flow and their directions of play. He would lose focus and/or patience with what they were doing and wander off and/or become emotional. Now he will play for hours without mishap or misunderstanding and enjoy other children his age.”

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Mickey, age 5


Greg has been using The Listening Program® for 5 years and he continues to not only maintain changes but to make significant gains! We saw abstract language and humor develop and he was transitioned into a regular education kindergarten with an aid. By 2nd grade was functioning at grade level in all areas of academics. Greg also spontaneously chose to eat all foods that his mother prepared including fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. TLP has made such a significant impact on his ability to communicate, and participate in a typical life.


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Greg, age 9


“We have had an explosion in language this week. Finally!” wrote Mom. She is understanding more and overall is more aware of things. Isabelle used to wake up at 1 am and be up until 5 am, now it rarely happens. She is trying and eating many more foods and liking them. She shows more expression in her face and her physical coordination has improved. The dark circles under her eyes are rarely there anymore. She used to have more than 10 outbursts every day but now there are days she doesn’t have any. The Listening Program has made many exciting changes for Isabelle and it’s exciting to see how well she has done.


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Isabelle, age 3


Because of Timmy’s interest in music as well as his continued delays in language development and sensory processing difficulties The Listening Program® was recommended. an increase in tolerance for participation in movement activities, and his Zone 2 changes included an increase in his attention during joint attention tasks and an increase in spontaneous speech. Timmy’s quality of playing and his flexibility has also improved. He happily read a book with this therapist, responding to direct questions by pointing and repeating words with no distress when his book was read differently than usual. T continues to enjoy listening while cuddling and relaxing with his mom who is thrilled to have something so special for them to share.

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“Timmy”, age 3


When we first encountered “Aaron” at the age of 7, he seemed lost in his own little world before using The Listening Program. He would not respond to either teacher or peers. He would sit on the benches on the playground and stare into the sky during recess and lunch breaks. He had not learned to jump rope, skip, catch balls, play tether ball, or balance on a two wheeled hand scooter. TLP seems to have markedly improved his ability to listen to and comprehend verbal instructions. By the end of the first year of using TLP, “Aaron” was almost at Grade Level in many subjects. He now says, “I can do it…I can do it myself!” He is participating in regular playground activities and is able to catch, throw, and kick balls as well as play Tether Ball.

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Aaron, age 8


Camille has become adventurous and playful and much more observant since using The Listening Program. She continues to show positive changes such as her handwriting, and her language has really taken off! She is having conversations with her parents all the time now. As her mother was cooking a meal she asked her, “What are you making?” She is trying foods like cucumbers, salads, etc., things she would never eat before. Many other things are improving. She is drooling less, she has improved concentration, and her speech is greatly improved.

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Camille, Age 11


After 8 weeks of The Listening Program, I saw a child who was much more aware of where his body was. His eye contact had gone from 0 to 100%. If I say his name, he always looks my way. His play is now more purposeful as well as very imaginative. More abstract skills are emerging. Austin knows when something is funny, when someone isn’t pleased, when his behavior is inappropriate. His ability to read the incidentals is increasing. When Austin started at our preschool, he couldn’t stay in a designated area. He is now more focused and displaying a greater interest in his surroundings.

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Austin, age 4


Prior to using The Listening Program, Aaron spent much of his day lining up blocks and making patterns on the carpet. His parents reported that he was unable to communicate his needs and was not “functioning like he should at his age.” Now his attention and behavior has developed to the point that a specialist commented, “If someone told me to find the child with autism in this classroom, Aaron would have been the LAST child I would have chosen.” She saw him initiating with other children, playing by the rules in Physical Education and following the routines of the classroom without any difficulty. The small, lost child I met several years ago has transformed into a little boy with so much to live for. I attribute his success to TLP.

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Aaron, age 7


Just halfway through his first cycle, showed that John’s hearing of individual words had improved. He was calmer, more flexible, and more aware of social communication and rules. The school has noted that “John has made steady progress, particularly with his reading, writing, and self-confidence.” He gets himself dressed and is less worried about folds in socks and labels in clothing. John has started to use a knife and fork and now eats foods with different textures at the same time. He is aware of other people’s feelings and wants to do things for others. He gives and receives hugs and cuddles, even when hurt.

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John, age 6


Mary Kidson

“In my practice, I consider good auditory processing to be foundational in helping students achieve academic success. In my experience The Listening Program always provides the best results and my students are more focused and happier at school and at home.”

Mary Kidson

I have been using TLP consistently with my clients since 2008. Each TLP Core Program has the power to lay the foundation and ready the body for sensory regulation, calming, and decreasing the stress response. It helps to optimize motor planning, perception and enhances overall auditory processing abilities, all of which are critical for full participation and achievements in higher-level learning!

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Nancy Marin

Occupational Therapist

My experience with inTime was extraordinary, enjoyable and engaging. I was not thinking, feeling or acting my way through this but experiencing the process and surrendering to it. My mind and body loved this rhythmic experience. For me, it is intense for a period of time as the body releases its hold, internal chatter emerges and creative tension mounts. I had a sense of no longer being able to or wanting to “hold on” and chose to surrender to the process. In turn, emotions and thoughts surfaced quickly. They became front of mind and I became more conscious and clear of this need to act. I could feel this pressure and push demanding my attention, expression and action. For me this process created some turmoil that resulted in a shift of mental and emotional energy but when all the stars lined up and the mind and body rhythms were in sync – personal strength was born. A strength that liberated expression released feelings and dictated action. It was an internal transformation.


To me, inTime is more than a rhythm-based music listening program.  I have practiced yoga for 12 year.  Yoga teaches its students to find inner quiet or peace, even in a crowded noisy room the goal is to be able to shut out all the noise and distraction and meditate. Listening to inTime is very similar to this, all the stress and distraction and chaos in life is like the crowded, noisy room.  During and after using this program the situations that came up in life that were big stressors I was and am able to handle in a calmer and clear way. I feel centered and motivated, more able to see the bigger picture in the projects that I am working on, not only in my job but in my life as well. The music is so energetic and fun, it’s hard not to move with the beat.  The best way to describe this program for me is a quote by Berthold Auerbach “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Stevie Zanetti

The inTime program provided us with immediate results. My grandson Jayden is twelve and has a delayed coordination disorder. The first week of listening Jayden became noticeably more comfortable in his body, especially his hands.  The second week Jayden was coordinating the gathering of supplies to complete activities of daily living such as toiletries and dressing three times faster. The third week I as the grandparent began to realize just how vastly this coordination issue was affecting Jayden’s ability to have the basic gathering of thoughts never mind the required supplies to do any given action.
I began to realize because I saw the change in Jayden. I saw the increase without supervision to the flow of his actions.  In other words inTime helped Jayden go from not thinking to thinking in just four short weeks. Astounding! Grandma thanks you.

Jayden's Grandma

I participated in the inTime preliminary clinical trial….. I loved it. I did both phases and my 8 year old son did the first trial. For me, the music was very uplifting and made me want to move. My first session was in the morning and helped me get ready for the day. I did my second session after work and it made me feel re-energized for the evening. It is so different than the other programs ABT has to offer. I also enjoyed watching my son play the air drums and smile while listening. He does TLP SPECTRUM regularly and liked the inTime music better. He said, “The music was slower, softer and made me feel good.

Jami Dantry, MOTR/L

Brooke County Schools Wellsburg, West Virginia

inTime is like a “page-turner” book one is reading and can’t put down. I happily and eagerly looked forward to each listening session and always felt so calm, settled and pleased with the outcome of each session. Helped me address some posture challenges I have been experiencing. I can easily pinpoint use of inTime with a number of my clients. Rhythm is such an essential component of our optimal functioning as communicators and learners.

Judith Belk, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/Audiology

Center for Communication & Learning Skills Lake Oswego, Oregon

I am so excited about inTime; after having the opportunity to experience this program first hand, I was energized and enthusiastic about waking up each morning so that I could do my listening again for that day. I did not want it to end. I felt myself ‘be-bopping’ to the beat and ready to start my day. I look forward to sharing inTime with my clients, especially my teenage population who tend to go for the rhythmic beats that inTime provides. I personally and professionally appreciate the ongoing and extensive research that ABT provides with each and every product! 

Nancy Marin, OTR/L, C-NDT, IYT

Occuplay, Inc. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I have been a provider of The Listening Program since 1999 and have integrated the program into the treatment of children with varying disorders and have seen great improvement with attention, communication, behavior, self-regulation and motor skills.  I am excited with the development of the inTime listening method, as a rhythm-based music experience will enhance my interventions with children with sensory processing, modulation and coordination disorders through capitalizing on the principles of entrainment.  Through my trial listening experience with inTime, I found a great richness and depth to the compositions which impressed me as powerful, but with a calming element. The layering of the percussion, string and wind instruments on top of the base rhythm provides an auditory figure-ground experience and really facilitates your attention, along with the diversity of the music.

Joanne Hunt, OTD, OTR/L

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Advanced Brain Technologies new program is amazing. Within days of starting inTime I felt calm and no longer had periods of profound sadness. My general outlook has changed and I feel that I can face the future. I became more motivated and energetic and was able to do things that I had been dreading. I also sleep better and am more refreshed on waking. I am able to focus on what needs to be done and the “brain fog” is gone. I want everyone I know to benefit from this new program. Thanks ABT you’ve changed my life!



My son Jaxson’s experience with TLP has been amazing, and my experience watching him has been amazing. I believe The Listening Program® is the best listening therapy out there.

Watch Kristin and Alex’s video about The Listening Program for Autism and why we are passionate about helping people live their best life and achieve their potential.

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Kristin Selby Gonzalez

President / Chairman, Autism Hope Alliance

The first time I used TLP, my grades jumped from a 3.0 average to a 4.0 average just like that-right off the bat. Nothing changed except for using The Listening Program®. Everybody in my family has used TLP.

Tanner Boyajian

When we bring Nicole up for a nap and to go to bed at night, we put The Listening Program® on and she’s very excited about it. Her progression in the last year has been amazing and I think that The Listening Program® has been a big part of that. I would highly recommend it.

Michelle Merhi

My Andrew has loved and benefited from The Listening Program® since day one. He does the 30-minute session while he has breakfast. The day we began the program he began speaking again!


Mom to Andrew

I started The Listening Program® to help me get my brain back after life, work, relationships, and depression took it away.

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Erin Matlock

Founder, Brain Summit, Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow

Max is 8 and has had an autism diagnosis since he was 3. The Listening Program® has been a great help, it’s so easy to do and we absolutely love it!


Mom to Max

I use The Listening Program® almost every day. I feel happier, more emotionally balanced, driven, productive, creative, patient, balanced, calm, thankful, grateful, focused, optimal & loved.

Raphael "Tweet" Brown

Recording Artist from R&B Trio Next

I find that The Listening Program®, because of its organization, and the technical, high-quality product that it is, is the one that I recommend the most.

Dr. Judith B. Belk, PHD, CCC-SLP, CCC Audiology

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