The Listening Program® is neuroscience-based music therapy created for optimum brain health

The Music

Designed by our team of therapists, scientists, musicians, producers, technologists, product designers, and sound engineers from around the globe, The Listening Program® music is not only effective but a joy to listen to.

Improve your brain function. Listen at home or on the go. Just 15 minutes a day.


Which brain areas are involved in listening?

The brain is musical. Neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that when we listen to music, virtually the whole brain is involved.

Music listening not only involves the auditory areas of the brain but also engages large-scale neural networks including the prefrontal cortex, motor cortex, sensory cortex, auditory cortex, visual cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala, nucleus accumbens, corpus callosum, autonomic nervous system, vestibular system, and the enteric nervous system.

The Listening Program® music helps conduct the neural symphony, connecting the most ancient parts of the brain to the most advanced.

Music that works

The foundation of The Listening Program® is its scientifically designed beautiful music performed by Advanced Brain Technologies’ own award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.


Psychoacoustics is the study of the human perception of sound.

This scientific field informs much of our understanding of the effects of music on our mind, body, brain, and emotions including the four primary building blocks of auditory perception: frequency, amplitude, time, and spatial location.

The Listening Program® music is designed to improve the brain’s ability to experience these foundations of auditory perception and use them to get a clear sense of what’s happening in our environment.

Quality recordings

This world-class music is arranged and recorded in high-definition (HD) sound and produced by our international team of experts.

The Listening Program® is the only program to offer original recordings at 24-bit 192 kHz HD: the highest music recording quality, most comparable to a live performance. The music contains more depth, detail, and dimension and provides more emotional impact than music created using other recording methods. It does this in part by capturing the detail of the harmonics that give music its sound “color” or “timbre.” Our scientifically designed music improves a person’s ability to distinguish the sound of each instrument, affording the listener more opportunity to benefit from listening.

To maximize the benefits of listening to our carefully designed music for The Listening Program®, we applied advanced neuro-acoustic modifications to the original recordings. These modifications amplify the listener’s perception of the natural attributes inherent within the structure of the musical pieces, providing contrasts vital for improving sound perception. That, in turn, leads to better brain performance. At the same time, The Listening Program® music provides a rich and enjoyable listening experience.

The ABC Modular Design™

The Listening Program®’s proprietary ABC Modular Design™ guides the listener through multiple levels of sound training each session, enabling you to effectively exercise your brain with the provided “warm-up,” “workout” and “cool-down” music phases.

The Science

Science tells us that when it comes to physical training to develop muscles, the most effective approaches include a gradual warm-up for muscle groups followed by weight-resistance training and concluding with cool-down stretching.

Following a similar model, The Listening Program® music is divided into 9- and 15-minute modules. Within these modules, the first phase, “A,” relaxes the listener and prepares the brain for the more intensive stimulation of the “B” phase. The listener is then returned to a focused/relaxed state during the final “C” phase.

Why ABC Modular Design™ is critical

The ABC Modular Design™ of The Listening Program® is a breakthrough in sound design. That’s important because you need more than carefully selected classical music and neuro-acoustic modifications. Your brain has to be prepared to receive the acoustic information.

When someone experiences stress or anxiety, as so many of us do, the ear can’t easily discriminate higher frequency sounds. This leads to a decline in attention and auditory processing. Furthermore, research shows that a listener needs to be relaxed to experience neural feedback, with the ear communicating to the brain and vice versa. Neural feedback is necessary for the middle ear to function well and do its job of protecting us from noise and allowing us to listen better.

Our ABC Modular Design ™ enhances the effect of our specially engineered music, preparing the listener and then providing just the right amount of stimulation before restoring the listener to a state of focused relaxation. With The Listening Program® music, improving brain health is more than a therapeutic endeavor. It is a pleasurable, enlightening listening experience that has been proven clinically effective.

Spatial surround dynamic

We live in a three-dimensional world and rely on our auditory system to tell us where our body is in space and to inform us if our environment is safe. The spatial surround dynamic of the music in The Listening Program®, demonstrated in this video, was developed to imitate the natural environment to provide more complete listening training.

Exclusive to The Listening Program, this feature improves the listener’s discrimination of frequency, volume, time and spatial location. It does this with multichannel sound: Music is experienced in five individual channels or locations in 360-degree space.

Wellness benefits and solutions

Four zones to help you to be more energized, focused, grounded, and balanced

You are touched by sound vibrations at every moment. Certain sounds provided in the right context can organize your neural activity, support your health, balance your emotions, calm you, and help you feel more vibrant and energized throughout your day.

Your brain mirrors what it perceives, changing in response to its experiences. The Listening Program® music trains your brain through the experience of listening to modules of specially recorded music that is acoustically modified and arranged into frequency zones.

These zones are mapped to brain regions that respond to different properties of sound according to the vibratory frequency, just as the keys on a piano are tuned to play different musical notes. This mapping is referred to as tonotopicity.

The four training zones of The Listening Program®—blue, red, orange, and green—each involve listening to music that helps the brain progress in its ability to hear a fuller range of sound. Each zone focuses on a different band of sound frequencies whose qualities contribute to brain health and performance. Within each zone you progress through different types of training, rated by level. As you gain listening experience, you progress to higher levels of training.

Developing better focus, body awareness, coordination, self-regulation, and alertness are just a few of the benefits of working with the four training zones of The Listening Program®.


Creativity, alertness, organization
Cognition, interaction, attention
Integration of all zones
Self-regulation, body awareness, coordination, timing

Choose your TLP experience

TLP System

  • Personalized playlists with high-quality sound files
  • iPod touch
  • Includes professional coaching
  • Payments starting as low as $72.00/mo*
Tlp System

TLP Online

  • Personalized online programs with high-quality audio streaming
  • Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
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Tlp Online
My son Jaxson’s experience with TLP has been amazing, and my experience watching him has been amazing. I believe The Listening Program® is the best listening therapy out there.

Kristin Selby Gonzalez

President / Chairman, Autism Hope Alliance

According to J’s family, positive changes were seen immediately during the initial listening session. TLP has exceeded everyone’s expectations. He is finally happy in his own skin and so joyous now.


I started The Listening Program® to help me get my brain back after life, work, relationships, and depression took it away.

Erin Matlock

Founder, Brain Summit, Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow

I use The Listening Program® almost every day. I feel happier, more emotionally balanced, driven, productive, creative, patient, balanced, calm, thankful, grateful, focused, optimal & loved.

Raphael "Tweet" Brown

Recording Artist from R&B Trio Next

Sheldon responded immediately to the very first listening session. He has made remarkable progress in a short amount of time.


In 37 years of pursuing new approaches to solve client concerns, The Listening Program® is the only effective, research-based novel approach I have found.

Sharon Wilcox

Speech & Language Pathologist

I find that The Listening Program®, because of its organization, and the technical, high-quality product that it is, is the one that I recommend the most.

Dr. Judith B. Belk, PHD, CCC-SLP, CCC Audiology

Max is 8 and has had an autism diagnosis since he was 3. The Listening Program® has been a great help, it’s so easy to do and we absolutely love it!


Mom to Max



The music for The Listening Program® is scientifically designed to provide solutions and benefits to users. Read the research that serves as a foundation for our program.

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Case studies

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Case Studies
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