The #1 in-practice solution for professionals


TLP PRO is the ideal solution for therapists, educators, counselors, medical practitioners, and other professionals. This all-in-one listening system with an unlimited-user site license will help you quickly and efficiently deliver the benefits of The Listening Program®, inTime, Sleep Genius, and more to your clients.

Everything's included

The entire Advanced Brain Technologies music library is loaded onto a portable iPod Touch listening system. There’s nothing else on the market like TLP PRO. You’ll get:

TLP Spectrum

TLP Achieve

TLP Level One

TLP Level One Nature

TLP Specialized


Music to De-Stress

Music to Relax

Music for Thinking

Music for Learning

Music for Productivity

Music for Inspiration

Music for Motivation

Music for Concentration

Maximum Focus

Peak Performance

Cheerful Baby

Sleepy Baby

Peaceful Baby

Playful Baby

Sleep Genius

Unlimited site license

TLP PRO was designed for in-clinic use by professionals. Working with multiple clients used to mean keeping track of multiple listening systems and ordering new systems as needed. This headache is gone now thanks to the unlimited-user site license with TLP PRO. One TLP PRO listening system can be used with all your clients. Worry less about your equipment so you can focus on your clients.



The best listening experience

Give your clients what they truly deserve: the best listening experience possible. Pair your new TLP PRO system with the Waves multisensory bone-conduction headphones and deliver help like never before.

Waves™ enhances the delivery of all Advanced Brain Technologies music by using the two natural modes of hearing: through your ears (air conduction) and through your head (bone conduction). The Waves™ system offers a deeper, more immersive listening experience than conventional headphones can provide, making daily listening more enjoyable and accelerating and expanding the benefits of listening practice!

Pricing and Options

TLP PRO is for ABT-trained providers only. For more information on training opportunities, please visit our training page.

TLP PRO is not for resale. This is a site license and is not to be sold for consumer home use. Limit one discounted Waves™ system per TLP PRO system ordered. Payment plans available in U.S. only. Pricing for international providers may vary.



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