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The Listening Program® can benefit both children and adults, and its uses are wide ranging—from rehabilitation to learning, wellness, and peak performance in athletics, music, and academics. TLP can be used in schools, hospitals, therapy clinics, assisted living facilities, corporate offices, and homes, as well as on military bases through our GSA contract.

Foundational Training

The Listening Program®

Our evidence-based in-home interventions support the brain through a natural developmental approach. Just as it’s possible to strengthen the body through exercise, it’s possible to change the brain through targeted training—which our scientifically designed music provides.

The Listening Program® is an effective stand-alone intervention and can be an adjunct to other therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy (ABA), whether for rehabilitation, peak performance, learning, or improvements in areas from executive function deficits to sleep issues. The Listening Program can also be integrated into neurodevelopmental programs, the Greenspan Floortime Approach, the Son-Rise Program, Relational Developmental Intervention (RDI), the SCERTS educational model, biomedical approaches, neurofeedback training, and other complementary methods for treating developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder.

Specialized Training

Once you have completed your foundational training with The Listening Program®, expand your knowledge with a specialized training course and add additional tools to your practice. Our specialized programs complement The Listening Program® and can help you provide more solutions for your clients and further benefits, too—from better sleep to reduced stress, improved coordination, and greater wellness.



inTime provides a personalized program of listening training and fun movement activities using body, drum, and voice to help anyone, child or adult, keep the beat and flow with the rhythms of daily life.

Created by experts in how sound affects brain health and function, the inTime program features original compositions based on a blend of world music. InTime can be used to improve social and emotional function, auditory processing, communication, executive function, creative expression, motor coordination, stress response, self-awareness, musicality, and more. Progressive rhythm-based training stimulates four frequency zones associated with different brain areas and their related functions during the course of a personalized listening schedule.

The world music of inTime, pleasant for clients to listen to, was developed by the multidisciplinary team behind The Listening Program® and produced by occupational therapist Sheila Allen, composer and musician Nacho Arimany, and co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound and founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies Alex Doman.

The Movement Program

The Movement Program is an evidence-based program for educators and therapists and a perfect complement to both The Listening Program® and inTime.

The Movement Program engages the body and brain with enjoyable, video-based activities. Training to use this program with clients takes just 3 hours, helping professionals to offer extra benefits and solutions to clients. You can help improve your clients’ brain function and health and increase their balance, coordination, and concentration by using The Movement Program in a clinic, in the client’s home—and more. Professionals working with children ages 8-13 with academic challenges, poor grades, learning disabilities, dyslexia, speech-language disorders, attention disorders, poor reading, sensory processing disorder, and other neurodevelopmental and learning difficulties will especially appreciate the benefits of offering TMP.

TMP becomes progressively more challenging for clients, helping develop strong visual, auditory, rhythm, motor, and learning skills as a result of daily use over the course of 12 weeks. Upon successful completion of our free 3-hour training course, professionals will be able to understand which clients will benefit the most from The Movement Program and how to implement it into their practice.

I am proud to serve as Clinical Director of Advanced Brain Technologies. As a medical doctor, I find TLP to be a powerful tool. The success we have seen with patients who utilize this program has been groundbreaking in many cases​. Read More

Allen T. Lewis, MD

Sancta Familia Center for Integrative Medicine

I am so excited to be a part of Advanced Brain Technologies because The Listening Program is truly fantastic. My clients see improvements with sleep, attention and focus, organizational behavior, and sensory processing abilities. It’s so easy, it’s almost scary! TLP gives our brain exercise every day, and that’s why I love it so much. So if you’re thinking about adding something as a therapist, TLP is a great option…

Rachel Harrington, COTA

The Sensory Project

I have been using TLP consistently with my clients since 2008. Each TLP Core Program has the power to lay the foundation and ready the body for sensory regulation, calming, and decreasing the stress response. It helps to optimize motor planning, perception and enhances overall auditory processing abilities, all of which are critical for full participation and achievements in higher-level learning! Read More

Nancy Marin

Occupational Therapist

In 37 years of pursuing new approaches to solve client concerns, The Listening Program® is the only effective, research-based novel approach I have found.

Sharon Wilcox

Speech & Language Pathologist



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