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Spatial Surround is a patent-pending music recording and production process invented by TLP creators G. Alexander Doman and Richard Lawrence.

Spatial Surround presents multi-channel sound providing music in five completely independent channels. Generally just one instrument is placed in each channel allowing clear discrimination of each instrumental voice. Strings and woodwinds have never sounded so rich and natural as they do when recorded in High Definition using the Spatial Surround process.

The listener perceives they are in the middle of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble. Music surrounds them in a very natural, engaging way from a 360 degree sound field. This is quite different than the experience of stereo with sound only coming from the left and right!

Not unlike the listening experience of an orchestra conductor, Spatial Surround allows the listener to hear the instruments more clearly, with a greater opportunity to identify the essential elements of the music; frequency, volume and timing, in addition to spatial location.

Some TLP programs add a more advanced level of Spatial Surround called Spatial Surround Dynamic that incorporates the dynamic movement of instruments. This offers another level of interest to the music, and provides further opportunities to train auditory processing skills.

Foundational and advanced auditory processing skills can be discretely trained through this proprietary technology for Music-Based Auditory Training™ only available on certain TLP programs bearing the Spatial Surround® logo.



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