Alan Heath, BSC. (HONS.) PSYCH.

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With a background in Psychology and NLP, Alan is a director and founder of Learning Solutions, an organization based in Yorkshire, UK. Since 1996, Learning Solutions has been dedicated to helping children and adults maximize their learning potential. He is also an accredited Brain Gym® Instructor and has trained extensively in the areas of sensory integration, bi-lateral integration, childhood reflexes, rhythmic movement training and sound therapies. Alan is the UK and Eire adjunct faculty member for Advanced Brain Technologies, and UK contact for the Learning Breakthrough Program®.

Alan is a founder & managing director of The Movement Program, LTD. and co-developer of The Movement Program, bringing together this extensive knowledge of the impact of movement and sensory development to advance reading, attention and skills for daily life and learning.

He has presented at major educational conferences and trained teachers and health professionals in the UK and internationally for many years and is known as a lively and inspiring speaker. He is a dedicated speaker for NASEN (National Association for Special Educational Needs).

Alan runs a private consultancy for children and adults combining assessment and remediation programs using sound stimulation, movement and psychology and is the author of Beating Dyslexia A Natural Way.