Our vision at Advanced Brain Technologies is to transform the life of every person by offering brain-training programs for optimal brain health and functioning.

To fulfill our vision, we start with the scientific evidence that the brain has the natural ability to physically change itself and strengthen its neural networks in response to a person’s experiences. This ability of the brain is called neuroplasticity, and it occurs throughout an individual’s lifetime, which means that our music can change the brain of a child or an adult.

While the field of neuroscience has only validated the phenomenon of lifetime neuroplasticity in the last 20 years, our founder’s family of human development pioneers observed it clinically in the mid-twentieth century. Experts in brain injury rehabilitation and child development, they were among the first to develop brain-training exercises to reorganize the brain and improve its performance. The Listening Program® builds on this foundation. Its scientifically created music is not just relaxing and enjoyable to listen to—it can also lead to meaningful long-term changes in brain health and functioning.

The Listening Program® has been used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries and is backed by neuroscience and independent research.