Yumiko Nakajima, BA

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Yumiko Nakajima is a founder and co-director of Natural, Inc. in Nagano, Japan. She originally trained as a Tomatis Counselor, and started a Tomatis Listening Center in Nagano in 1996. Utilizing Audio Psycho Phonologies, she provided the Tomatis method of listening training to clients ranging in age from 4 to 90, until 2010.

Yumiko’s main focus is to support language acquisition. However, through those fifteen years she also helped professional musicians achieve better performance, young mothers prepare for childbirth, supported students and adults who were interested in peak performance, and helped children with speech and learning difficulties. Through her depth and breadth of experience, in addition to her background as a harp player, she learned the importance of supporting the health and enhancement of the auditory processing system.

Sadly, Dr. Tomatis passed away during that time, and Yumiko decided to explore other ways to support the auditory system through listening training. She became a certified provider of The Listening Program® in 2010, and shortly thereafter became the International Representative in Japan for The Listening Program® family of products.

Yumiko shares Advanced Brain Technologies’ mission to make sound brain fitness universally available and is passionate about creating more awareness in Japan of the support that The Listening Program® can provide to so many different people.