Melissa Bednarz

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Director of Clinical Growth and Operations
Melissa is the Director of Clinical Growth and Operations at Advanced Brain Technologies and brings extensive experience in project and program management across a range of industries. She has provided guidance and support to organizations in launching national to global programs from the ground up. She is passionate about fostering a positive environment that facilitates organizational growth. She believes every week presents an opportunity to make meaningful progress toward our personal and collective aspirations, and she is committed to helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential.

Melissa has several years of experience working alongside some of the most esteemed leaders in their industry from her recent tenure at Deloitte. She’s collaborated with numerous practice leaders to design and implement sales governance programs, support initiative planning for internal strategy and operation teams, and apply data-driven insights to improve overall performance.

Melissa also brings a Music Therapy and Sound Healing Certification and wants to become a provider of The Listening Program as she grows her expertise.

Melissa spends her free time with her husband, enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She’s an avid runner, yogi, snowboarder, and cycle and kayak enthusiast.