Mandy Doman

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Chief Operating Officer

Mandy Doman is the Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Brain Technologies and is a leading expert in music listening therapy. For two decades, she has coached thousands of health, educational, and therapeutic professionals internationally to transform lives through ABT’s brain-based programs.

ABT programs have an important place in her personal life and with her family. During her pregnancy, she used The Listening Program (TLP) to give her youngest son every opportunity to enhance his brain function. As a homeschool mom, she has used the programs to help her boys focus, retain information, feel less stressed, and develop their musical abilities. TLP has played a huge role in helping her manage her hearing loss, tinnitus, and communication skills.

Mandy loves spending time with her husband, three sons, family, and friends. Before the sun rises, you will find her meditating, writing, and practicing yoga with her Yorkie and Standard Poodle by her side.