Mandy Doman

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Mandy Doman is the president of Advanced Brain Technologies and a leading expert in music listening therapy with over twenty years of experience. She is passionate about helping children and adults live their best lives by finding brain-based solutions to support their therapeutic or educational interventions and overall health and wellness.

Mandy specializes in developing resources, training, and coaching for an international network of providers who use The Listening Program in hospitals, schools, clinics, private practices, and homes. She has been a guest on numerous podcasts and summits, sharing her expertise and insights on brain health and therapeutic interventions. Additionally, Mandy writes numerous blog posts on health and wellness topics, contributing valuable information to the broader community. In her role, Mandy has successfully led initiatives to integrate innovative brain-based therapies into various settings, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for diverse populations.

Mandy spends her free time with her husband, Alex, three sons, family, and friends. Before the sun rises, you will find her reading, meditating, writing, and practicing yoga. She is also an avid advocate for work-life balance and enjoys exploring new wellness practices to share with her community.