Gillian Liebrandt, M.A.Ed.

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Gillian Liebrandt is the director and founder of Millennium Learning Advantage. She is a teacher with a Master’s Degree in Special Education. (South Africa)

Gillian has always been outside the traditional education box. She has done contract teaching in several third world countries, before immigrating to Canada. After spending many years in nontraditional classrooms she opened her own learning centre in 1992. She soon found that traditional tutoring did not address the underlying problems of many children.

After extensive research and investigation, Gillian introduced The Listening Program as one of Millennium Learning Advantage’s core programs in 2002. While there are other programs, The Listening Program is always a basic starting point.

Gillian has worked with individuals with many different learning challenges, including ASD, ADHD,and Dyslexia She has also worked with non-verbal individuals. Besides seeing students at her center, Gillian has experience in doing Distance Programs with families who are unable to make the weekly commute to her office. Gillian is passionate about neuroplasticity and the fact that the brain is capable of change.