Denise Decker, B.S.

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Denise Decker is certified in Special Education after graduating with a B.S. from The College of New Jersey in 1980. However, she began working with special needs individuals in the 1970’s in academic and recreational settings.  She has worked in private and public schools and has worked privately since 2001.  She founded the Tri-Learning Center in 2009 which enabled her to design and implement individualized programs to meet the particular need of each client.

She has trained in a variety of programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Visualizing and Verbalizing, Seeing Stars, Irlen, and Brain Gym.   She did her training in The Listening Program in 2006, Learning Ears in 2011, and The Movement Program in 2017 when she observed that her students’ underlying needs were still not met completely by the more traditional approaches.  The Listening Program, Learning Ears, and The Movement Program complemented her remedial programs ideally because of their design.  Denise also studied Essential Oils and Children’s Yoga to benefit her client’s overall well-being.

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