Milo’s Case Report: A 15-Year Journey with The Listening Program & inTime
Many children and adults use The Listening Program for years because they continue to benefit in a variety of ways. It can be particularly valuable for children…

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Music for the Classroom and Home
Students are struggling to succeed in classrooms, and Advanced Brain Technologies has a proven collection of music that has been shown to help. Distracting noises and sounds…

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Avoiding the Summertime “Lose”
This post is an excerpt of a more in-depth story. Read the full content of this article here Summer is here, and the cries of “I’m bored”…


inTime: An Overview
So what exactly is inTime? We get asked this a lot. Briefly, it is a rhythm-based music listening method developed to influence brain performance. Created by experts,…

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The Making of the inTime Drum
  “There is a need to drum.” -Mickey Hart Almost 25 years ago former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart began a chapter in one of his books,…

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