Milo’s Case Report: A 15-Year Journey with The Listening Program & inTime
Many children and adults use The Listening Program for years because they continue to benefit in a variety of ways. It can be particularly valuable for children…

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inTime rhythm-based music listening therapy and Alzheimer’s
Rhythm-based music listening therapy can have profound effects on the brain, helping to activate and create new neural pathways. For patients with brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s,…

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inTime and OPERA??- Setting the Stage for Change (Part 2)
Brain change through music listening!  It can happen.  But how?  The research and ideas of neuroscientist Ani Patel, PhD help us understand.  According to Dr. Patel, who…

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inTime and OPERA?? – Yes!..Believe It or Not! (Part 1 of 2)
inTime, Advanced Brain Technologies’ rhythm and sound frequency-based music listening method, was launched on February 7, 2014. It is a program of firsts for music listening therapy…

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New Research Demonstrates Efficacy of inTime to Help Children Overcome Learning Disabilities
Advanced Brain Technologies, creators of The Listening Program®, a provider of evidence-based music programs and products for improving brain function, today announced publication of a groundbreaking study…

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Music does profound things to your brain
Max Lugavere, TV host, media personality and filmmaker joined us in Utah this past weekend to speak about brain health and his documentary film BREAD HEAD at The…

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