Ginger Kenney

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Program Manager- International Markets


Ginger Kenney joined Advanced Brain Technologies in 2008 as a Program Manager, supporting
both providers and clients. She has over two decades of experience in business-to-business
sales, marketing, and sales management and training. She graduated from John F. Kennedy
University in CA with a B.A. in Liberal Studies, which focused on Science and Values.

Ginger has handled various responsibilities with ABT, including social media and
communications, and program management. One of her favorite assignments is supporting
several of ABT’s International Representatives. She has also had personally benefited from
most ABT products, notably The Listening Program® and BrainBuilder. She currently uses TLP
and inTime and has no plans to ever stop listening.

She is now spearheading an inspiring new ABT program, following up with families who have
completed their initial coaching. The goal is to assist families in continuing to be comfortable
with their listening program and know they have someone to answer their questions. This
program is part of ABT’s goal to support families as fully as possible.

Ginger shares, “We look forward to hearing more about changes our clients have seen. We
hope they will tell their inspiring stories, which can help others. It’s something I am happy to
assist them in doing. We learn so much from those we serve, and that knowledge will benefit
current and future families.”

When not working, Ginger loves to spend time with family. She adores her two Irish Setters,
who never fail to amuse her. She also enjoys gardening, amateur photography, great music, art,
and life in general. Ginger says, “I am blessed with curiosity and hope it compels me forever.
We are living in such a fascinating and fast-moving time!”