Dustin Boyington

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Senior Program Manager

As a Program Manager with Advanced Brain Technologies, I work with many types of professionals around the country to implement our neuroscience-based music therapies that help children and adults achieve optimal brain health.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with these professionals to improve learning, communication and brain performance with their listeners is something that is very rewarding. I am passionate about offering our training courses and the many options that are available with The Listening Program so that it is used as an accessible therapeutic intervention to the many who need it.

Our products and services include; The Listening Program including TLP Achieve, TLP Spectrum, TLP Level One and inTime; Waves multi-sensory bone conduction audio system. We are also the creators of Sleep Genius, Sound Health, Music for Babies, BrainBuilder, and multiple professional training courses.

Before my time here at ABT, I helped establish and run a sober living program for young adult males. My role was focused on the development of personalized treatment protocols and creating the framework for this organization’s philosophy and application. I enjoyed this work for over 9 years and loved knowing that I was a part of the process to get so many young men turned around in life.

When I’m not helping people at work, my time is spent with my family, dogs and trying to master the hardest game in the world, golf.

Please reach out If there is something I can ever help you with. I look forward to connecting with you!